Welcome everybody!

My name is Ben, i´m the founder and host of this exciting project.

I´ve been Podcasting for 5 Years, but haven´t got the real big numbers, but gained a lot of knowledge and thought i should try it one last time from scratch.
So i started with my team the Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcast in January 2021.
A business related podcast with exciting stories of entrepreneurs, sports players and celebrities.

The Goal is to entertain and educate you with real stories

The Goal with that podcast was to setup a great podcast with real stories and tons of value from real entrepreneurs. A lot of people are in that „get rich quick“ online marketing bubble, but they dont realize that you dont have to sell facebook ads or need to run an ecommerce store to earn a lot of money or hopefully get rich. you can also run a bakery, a car dealership or anything else and be happy and doing great business.

thats what we want to show and share on our Business & Lifestyle LEGENDS Podcast.

Hopefully we can entertain and educate you guys and you can pay it back with tons of listening minutes on our podcast a one time a 5 star rating on itunes.