Minimizing And Reducing Security Risk with Dr. Eric Cole

While technology has vastly changed, cybersecurity is pretty straightforward and basic. If you own any company no matter how big or how small, you need to recognize you are a target. And it’s simple, any system accessible from the internet is fully patched, never contains critical data, you do those 2 things and guess what, almost all of the attacks including the solo wins would not have happened if companies just followed some of the core foundations or rules of Cybersecurity.
-Dr. Eric Cole, Life of a CISO Podcast Host, Secure Anchor Founder

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Eric discuss the # 1 way of breaking into the systems and the 2 major rules that help prevent major attacks from happening. They also discuss why Smartphones should not be the device where you store your files. He also explains how free applications increase the risk of your security. There’s a lot in store for this episode that will surely help you secure your business.

Episode Notes:
Dr. Cole has done work for Lockheed Martin and McAfee. He performs security for the Gates family and was a commissioner for President Obama, for whom Dr. Cole continues to provide security advice.

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