How to Develop Success From Failure, Building Your Resilience with Akeem Haynes

One thing that always helps me every single day, no matter what darkness I’m facing, no matter the hardships, no matter what it is, the first thing that I do to get myself in the right state of mind is I wake up and I say I gotta find one thing to be grateful for, one thing because what it does is that it changes your state of mind to think optimism and to think positively.
– Akeem Haynes, Motivational Speaker, Author and Host of Unscripted Podcast

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Akeem discuss how he shifted his career from Athlete to Motivational speaker. They also discuss resiliency strategies that will help Entrepreneurs, Athletes, and Organizations overcome the challenges along the way.

Episode Notes:
Akeem is a 2x Olympian (2012 & 2016), an Olympic Bronze Medalist, Author and Motivational Speaker. 

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