The 4 Steps to Hacking Life and Train The Brain to Manifest Your Success with Dana Wilde

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Most people do not realize the power of their thoughts. Every single person has a part of their brain called the Reticular Activating System. And this part of the brain, RAS, is a matchmaker. Whatever you’re thinking about, whatever you’re talking about, it’s sifting through the world, and it’s looking for THAT.
– Dana Wilde, founder and CEO of The Mind Aware

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Dana discuss how to make money by being happy and getting paid from being you. How to train your brain to build your own businesses to a million dollars. They also discuss tips to become successful on your niche.

Episode Notes:

Dana Wilde is a brain trainer, speaker, host, and the bestselling author of Train Your Brain. With over 60,000 followers in 68 countries, Dana is an expert at training brains and changing lives.

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