How to Build A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business: A Step-by-Step Guide with Mike Jacques

An avatar is your ideal customer. So whatever product, course, or service you’re selling, imagine your ideal customer. And don’t just imagine it, actually create them as if you’re writing a character for a movie.
–Mike Jacques, Founder and CEO of NewSpark Group

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Mike Jacques discuss how he got fired from his 30-year stint in software sales and now uses his acquired skills to generate thousands of monthly income purely from Affiliate Marketing, the profitable business of Affiliate Marketing, how to leverage video ads on Youtube, and the importance of an ideal market being optimized into an avatar.


Mike Jacques dramatically changed his life in April 2019. He walked away from a successful 30-year career in software sales and a healthy six-figure salary, as for many years he felt totally lost and unfulfilled, finding himself drifting from job to job in a turbulent corporate ocean. Since quitting the daily commute and the highly stressful stream of sales meetings, Mike quickly built his own successful online business from scratch and is now working in partnership with the business community who helped him fast track his digital lifestyle transformation.

With the time and freedom Mike has now created, he finally discovered what was missing in his life. The ability to give something back. This realization has inspired him to help others take action and to pursue positive change in their lives. Having the time to empower others provides Mike with a tremendous sense of self-worth and fulfillment.

Tune in as Mike discusses the bumpy road to success, the only obstacle in starting your new business, and the untapped potential of Affiliate Marketing!


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