How To Create The Lifestyle You Want Through a Mindset Shift and Priority Alignment with Gary Brackett

Once you experience success, it drives you to experience it again.
-Gary Brackett, Former Super Bowl Champion and host of the Success Leaves Clues podcast

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Gary Brackett discuss his journey to professional sports (NFL), his transition from professional sports to entrepreneurship and consultancy, the long-term priorities of a former NFL player, and an NFL player’s lifestyle and how to copy it .


Former Super Bowl Champion, Gary Brackett, pursues his professional ventures with the same passion and voracity as he did his nine-year career in the NFL. His unshakable confidence, un-matched work ethic, and unwavering commitment to constant growth and learning have served him well in his seamless transition from football to business. An accomplished entrepreneur in his post-football life, Gary is a two-time author (WINNING, 2011, and GRIT, 2021), podcast host, corporate trainer, and success coach; but his greatest passion (outside of being a pro dad to his three beautiful children) is helping people thrive – not only in business but in life.

Gary brings the same energy to his speaking engagements and coaching clients that he did to the field – inspiring, motivating, and empowering audiences and clients alike to find the best within themselves, apply championship strategies to leverage success and to realize their goals, and enjoy a life of fulfillment and happiness in all areas of their lives.


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