The Impact of Diversity in the Corporate World and Professional Speaking in a Pandemic with Lisiane Lemos

How can you inspire yourself to develop this path if you don’t see yourself in the marketing materials, in the website, and all other materials about career and having a good life? So, this is one of the issues that we have among education, among opportunities, and also having role models for these people to feel inspired.
–Lisiane Lemos, New Business Manager at Google

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Lisiane Lemos discuss her journey to be listed as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 most inspirational and most successful, how she established Microsoft Brazil as a co-founder and her advocacy in diversity and inclusion, and the entry point for future professional speaking aspirants.


The increase in remote jobs is a byproduct of the pandemic. Companies are bringing their work home and instruct their workers to do the same. The diverse diaspora of jobs in the remote working world has given so many people the opportunity to stay safe and spend more time with their families. For Lisiane Lemos, as a part-time professional speaker and a full-time executive, her work affords her both more time and more money. More companies are reaching out to take the opportunity to have her for virtual events while in the comfort of her home. Partnerships are easier to handle and untapped opportunities are now being brought to light.The change in Lisiane’s professional speaking career has given her the opportunity to flourish more now in the pandemic than ever before.

Lisiane Lemos has a lot of experience under her belt, and Google’s Business Developer is only one of many positions she holds. She’s also part of Forbes Under 30, Linkedin Top Voices, TEDx Speaker, MBA Professor, and Co-founder Board Member 101 she is a professional speaker for technology, innovation, diversity, and inclusion in the corporate environment. With expertise in the B2B business area, including planning and prospecting new business, market analysis, sales performance, customer satisfaction, and retention. Solid knowledge in different industries, managing more than one thousand clients distributed in the corporate and governmental segment to offer technological solutions.


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