Using The Ikigai Concept to Shift from A Sales-Driven Business to A Purpose-Driven Business with Cleophus Franklin

The companies that know what matters to their constituencies or consumers are able to tap in to that particular motivation and align their products and services to help enhance or fill a gap that is needed to be basically filled that is missing in a person’s life because their services are facilitating that need.

–Cleophus Franklin, CEO and Founder of Franklin Strategic Solutions

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Cleo Franklin talk about how to have a purpose-driven business using the Ikigai model, the two most important areas you need to focus on to become a purpose-driven business, and how to get ahead in your business by knowing the motivations and interests of these 2 key areas you need to focus on.


Topic notes:
– Effectively serve your customers as a leader in a purpose-driven company
– Identify the purpose of your business and how to leverage it to get ahead
– The importance of being a customer experience-driven business

Cleophus Franklin Jr.’s leadership experience and expertise have been globally recognized, as has his passion for business development, developing robust brand strategies, and designing and implementing innovative, disruptive business models that have benefited many iconic brands across multiple industries.

Cleo is also an entrepreneur. He founded Franklin Strategic Solutions (, a global consulting business that focuses on leadership development, business development, business / brand strategy, keynote speaking, and executive coaching across all business and nonprofit industries.


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