The 3-Step Process to Creating Your Most Desired Life and The Universal Truth with Kevin Aillaud

All of those bad thoughts are not serving you and they’re driving actions that are creating a result in your life that is undesirable.
–Kevin Aillaud, host of The Alpha Male Coach Podcast

Have you ever felt limited by negative thoughts? In this episode, Ben Schneider and Kevin Aillaud answer the question: how can thinking positive thoughts combat the negative? They also discuss how negative thoughts are controlling you into an unmotivated life, life’s universal truth and the process to acquire this truth, and how to become aware of your subconscious thought and elevate it to your conscious thought.


Bad thoughts do not serve a single purpose in your life. They are only driving actions that are creating a result in your life that is undesirable. Don’t you agree? In this episode, Kevin explained how your emotions are always quick to play with your brain. It clouds your judgment, you become a player to a bystander – it makes you think you’re less than you really are. You have to ask yourself first before acting out, „Is this me taking action for what I want, or is this my emotion trying to limit my potential?“ You’re worth so much more than you think. If you want to get out of that pity party you got yourself in, this episode lays out a 3-step process on how to overcome your emotions and come out as your complete, high-energy self!


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