The Effect of Networking and Excellent Customer Service on A SaaS Product’s Success with Omar Zenhom

One of the good signs that you’re on the right path is that when you’re doing it, it’s not so hard. It’s something that feels natural and easy or something that you’re comfortable with. You’re not moving the boulder uphill for miles.
–Omar Zenhom, Co-Founder and CEO of WebinarNinja

Join Ben Schneider and Omar Zenhom as they discuss how Omar Zenhom started his SaaS business, the challenges in creating WebinarNinja, the top two key factors to create a successful SaaS business, and how he, as a content creator, transitioned successfully to the SaaS industry .


What are the key factors that make a SaaS product successful?  Omar Zenhom was lucky. He created a SaaS product because he saw a need and fulfilled it. As a content creator, he wanted to create a product for virtual conferences that can be used with ease, multi-faceted, user-friendly, and worry-free. And that’s exactly how he made WebinarNinja. As a content creator turned software developer, he shares how he realized the role of failure in every entrepreneur’s and creator’s success, and the top 2 key factors that every SaaS product should integrate into their service.


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