Building a SaaS-based Technology with B2B and Niche Marketing with Jahn Karsybaev

When you get your first 5 or 10 customers, don’t focus on getting the next 10. First focus on working with those 5. Get their feedback, make things better, improve, and, only then, continue to grow. Because those 5 will stay and they will be the biggest proponents of your service because you engaged them, you serviced them, you focused on them. To me, that’s a recipe for ‚viral growth.‘ You create that invisible stealth sales force in the form of your direct customers.
–Jahn Karsybaev, CIO & Co-Founder of myBasePay and Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council

Join Ben Schneider and Jahn Karsybaev as they discuss the things you’re doing wrong with your startup (and what you should be doing), the economic and operational difference between funding a startup through venture capital vs. self-funding, and the challenges of building a startup for solopreneurs vs. co-founders.


Congratulations! You’ve built a successful startup. You’ve identified your market, quickly got a few customers lined up, fired up the new features, and managed a successful test run. Now, all you have to do is to GROW. And by grow, we mean to grow your startup to its fullest potential and generate more sales. And how exactly do you do that? As Jahn Karsybaev mentioned in this episode, growth starts when… Well, you can hear it for yourself in this episode!

Jahn Karsybaev is a Technology Executive who has led IT teams for Fortune 500 companies. He is currently a CIO & Co-Founder of myBasePay. Jahn is an alumnus of Harvard Business School. As an entrepreneur, he has built and sold several software companies. He is an active advisor and investor of early-stage and pre-seed technology startups. Jahn is an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, Board Member of First Gen Harvard Alumni.


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