How to Start a Handmade Business from Home Selling on Etsy and Amazon with Maria Laurin

I had to plan ahead in terms of if I will be selling this business. I need to make sure that my business is not only on Etsy and Amazon because I don’t believe it looks good if you want to sell a business to only have online stores and you don’t own the customers, you don’t have their email, it’s not your customer base. It’s Etsy’s or Amazon’s customers. I want to grow my customer base so that I’m able to make those plans if I need to at some point, like selling this business.
–Maria Laurin, Founder of Willow and Bee and Host of the Handmade CEO podcast

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Maria Laurin talk about how to start and grow a niche product on Etsy and Amazon, the operational side of a seasonal business, the challenges of growing a small business as a solopreneur and a full-time parent, and the # 1 breakthrough moment that increased her sales.


Maria Laurin is a small business owner and a podcaster. She specializes in creating and selling faith-based jewelry and has been podcasting since February 2020. She created her jewelry business, Willow and Bee, while her kids were in school. She later had to learn how to juggle the transition into homeschooling while still growing her business. She’s currently selling her products at a national retail store Von Maur, Etsy, and Amazon Handmade. Although her niche is very seasonal, she has come to enjoy the break that this gives her. During her off-season, she’s able to pursue helping others through her podcast – the Handmade CEO.

Social media works differently for different niches. For Maria Laurin, her time and energy are put more into face-to-face business communications advantages. Although her business operates online on Etsy and Amazon, she also sells locally to a craft store for a very specific niche and season. Tune in to find out exactly how she scaled her small business and turned it into a profitable venture!


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