The Effective Productivity Hacks To Improve Your Business and Workplace Culture in 2021 with Jeff Hunt

If we do a really good job consistently, and very frequently communicating these critical elements – like vision, mission, core values, goals, and feedback – then we’re gonna set ourselves up for success and we’re gonna be much more productive and effective, and, quite frankly, differentiated in the marketplace.
–Jeff Hunt, CEO of GoalSpan and Host of the Human Capital podcast

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Jeff Hunt discuss the importance of business performance management in improving any business, how to know if your business is performing well, the 3 key areas of focus when managing a business‘ performance and how to incorporate them into your business.


Jeff is CEO and Senior Consulting Partner for GoalSpan, a cloud-based performance management company. He founded the company in 2008, which now has customers throughout the US and 10 other countries. He is a performance management expert and helps executives achieve sustainable results through the creation and implementation of the right vision and strategies. He is a CEO who speaks HR, and identifies particularly well with challenges peer executives face.

Every business owner would agree that their employees are their biggest asset. It’s imperative to make sure that all employees feel that the work they do is valued and seen. You can differentiate a company’s performance by the state and health of its employees. When a company’s growth begins to plummet, the first thing it should check is the morale of its employees. Because the difference between a good company and a bad company is its long-term goals that not only make the company rich and satisfied but also aim for the success and growth of each employee and stakeholder.


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