How to Make $100,000 a Day in Sports Betting with David Oancea aka Vegas Dave

People don’t always like what I have to say, but you know what? I keep it real. I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to give you advice and give you value.

–David Oancea aka Vegas Dave, Expert Elite Sports Handicapper

In this episode, Vegas Dave tells the REAL story behind his 19 FELONY charges and how big casinos have not yet paid for HALF of his well-deserved EARNINGS, the making of Vegas Dave, how he started his sports card investments and now makes $ 100,000 in sports betting consultancy, and the 4 skills you need to win in the sports of betting!


Vegas Dave took a lot of losses before he became a multi-millionaire. This led him to get banned from MAJOR casinos in Las Vegas, be charged by the federal government for 19 felony charges, fight those charges for 3 years, and create the Vegas Dave sports betting consultancy where he helps thousands of players bet small and receive huge payouts.


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