How Media Production Is Vital For Brand Longevity During A Pandemic with Connor Wells

People are now only just realizing that social media and an online presence is absolutely vital and has been for quite a long time. Lockdown has made people realize that they need to keep up their online presence rather than just have the Instagram or the Twitter handle for the sake of having it. They need to really post on social media and take advantage of an online presence.
–Connor Wells, Photographer and Podcast Producer

In this episode, Ben Schneider and Connor Wells talk about all things social media and its changes throughout lockdown due to COVID-19. They also discuss the different platforms that can help your brand, the ultimate tip for people who want to build their podcast, the social media engagement and following of a personal brand vs. a company brand, and how to strategize your business‘ promotion and advertisement to get more sales


Would a photography business thrive in the digital era of today? Connor Wells is a photographer, videographer, and podcast producer, and his answer is a resounding YES! Business is booming now more than ever for Connor because the nature of his work does not fully require face-to-face business gatherings, and the future trend of work is completely remote. Different businesses are now adapting to the future of work and that means outsourcing or hiring virtual workers to take care of their business. Listen in on our episode to know how he manages to still earn while staying completely virtual and his thoughts on the current status of social media for businesses!

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