Social Media Marketing: How to Make It Work For You with Neal Schaffer

It takes consistent blogging or Youtube videos. A blog weekly is totally fine. With social media, really daily is the cadence because people are there all the time. If you’re looking for a great place to start building infrastructure or building a team using overseas employees, empowering your marketing to be more consistent is a great scenario, especially with social media.

–Neal Schaffer, host of the Maximize Your Social Influence podcast

Join Ben Schneider and Neal Schaffer as they talk about how to leverage social media for your brand, the importance of blogging, hitting your goals with outsourcing virtual assistants and online talents, and how your target audience determines your content marketing strategy.


Strategizing and creating content is not easy, but the rewards are worth the hard work. When strategizing your content plan for the month, you’ll realize the different hats you have to wear in your business to achieve that quality of content you want your audience to see. It can get a little overwhelming. But with remote workers, you get the same quality for less. A little too good to be true? Head on over to  to join the hundreds of beginner entrepreneurs and professionals who are quickly scaling their business with remote workers!

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