How To Sell Video Courses Online in 2021 with Keshav Rathnavel

Being very good at one’s craft would help them create really high quality courses, which, in turn, will add value to the people, which, in turn, will get more people onboard. That means more revenue, more profit, more cash flow.

–Keshav Rathnavel aka Kesh, Founder of Kesh Art

Youtube is the # 1 streaming platform to date. It’s interactive, diverse, and free of use to anyone who wants to create their own channel. Video content is rising up against all other media, not only on Youtube, but across all social media platforms. In 2010, Keshav Rathnavel saw an opportunity to grab and held on to the hype of Youtube. Now, he has over 29+ million views and 300,000+ subscribers tuning in every week to watch his videos for doses of insight, inspiration, amusement and motivation.

Join Ben Schneider and Keshav Rathnavel as they discuss how Kesh turned his passion into a business, how to strategize your Youtube channel for growth, how timing contributed to Kesh’s success, and the # 1 strategy that Kesh has implemented in his videos that ALWAYS worked.

Episode Notes:

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