What Entrepreneurs Should Always Remember to Generate Traffic with Neil Patel

The first thing companies should do is not focus on Google; they should focus on the user experience and make it the best page for the user. Then after you make it the best page for the user, of course you should still think about SEO – From your URL to having the keywords to using H1s to alt tags. All those things are important.
– Neil Patel, Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and Co-host of the Marketing School podcast

We often want to get rich quick when running a business. We want to grow in a day, want to gain 100 followers at the first launch of our socials, want to go viral with mediocre content … But growth, followers, and virality do not come overnight. Neil Patel is here to tell you that overnight successes are not a thing. But, there are ways to achieve success through digital marketing. And one of the most effective ways to set up for long-term growth is to generate traffic on your website and social media channels! Join Ben Schneider and Neil Patel as they tackle relevant digital marketing tropes such as the future of voice search marketing, the # 1 best piece of content for Neil, and the Dos and Don’ts every marketer should remember to rank in Google!

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