Scaling Back To Reassess Your Business with Brennan Dunn

One thing I’ve learned with SaaS is that a lot of the urgency methods that might work for selling online courses don’t always translate to selling software. A lot of it needs to be people signing up months potentially down the road after learning about the thing that you do when getting your weekly emails.
– Brennan Dunn, Founder of Double Your Freelancing and Co-Founder of RightMessage

Brennan Dunn lost $ 500,000 and is here to tell you how he gained it back and more. Join Ben Schneider and Brennan Dunn as Brennan walks us through the biggest factor that made him lose $ 40,000 monthly, and how he built it back. In running a business, you encounter numerous problems that not many are aware of. This makes solving those problems a lot harder because guidance is scarce, and every move you make is time-sensitive. In this episode, Brennan enumerates the problems he encountered in running a SaaS business and how he bounced back from them!

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