What It Takes To Achieve Your Ideal Life with Emily Elizabeth

For me, it’s a lot of trial and error, and making sure my team understands the expectations because we bring forth a very high quality that is just honestly unheard of.
– Emily Elizabeth, host of What Fulfills You? podcast and Founder of Elite Skate Wear and Loshattan Co.

Join Ben Schneider and Emily Elizabeth as they talk about Emily’s journey from figure skating to coaching and creating Elite Skate Wear and Loshattan Co., the significance of niching down your business, and empowering your team to work WITH you and not FOR you. Emily Elizabeth Duong is the founder and creative director of Elite Skate Wear and Loshattan Co., as well as the host of the What Fulfills You? Podcast. Prior to college, she was an elite-level competitive figure skater and USTA ranked tennis player, which is what she attributes to her diligent mindset and self-discipline she has. Today, she currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she is focused on scaling her business ventures and podcast community and hopes to be bi-coastal between NYC and LA in the near future.

Episode Notes:

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