Monetizing Your Podcast Show: Then vs. Now with Scott Smith

Really niche [your podcast]. Don’t go too broad. Don’t try to get the million downloads, you’re not gonna do it, you’re not gonna be a Joe Rogan. That’s a very particular skill set – a business skill set and a marketing skill set. It’s gonna be hard to do. If you could get up to 10 or 12 thousand downloads per episode, you’re gonna start to have a nice audience, and you’re gonna start to be able to get advertising dollars if you want to. 
– Scott Smith, Founder of Motivation To Move and host of the Daily Boost podcast

Join Ben Schneider and Scott Smith as they talk about Scott’s standard podcast monetization model that has made him millions of dollars in 15 years, the Dos and Don’ts for podcast longevity, building a business through podcasting. Scott, as a veteran podcaster and one of the first to monetize their podcasts, averages over 1 million downloads per month with the most popular daily motivation podcast on iTunes called „The Daily Boost.“ As a freedom junkie, he has produced 10,000 episodes since 2005 discussing how other people can become free from the shackles of outside stress like he has. Living life on his own terms with a lifestyle-driven business, listen in to get a glimpse into the life of Motivation to Move’s Chief Motivating Officer!

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