How to Build a 7-Figure Relocation/Furniture Installation Business And Scale It To $1.2m in Revenue with Chris Michael Harris

You have to look at the behavioral pattern. I talk about marketing psychology, not just marketing. You have to think about what the users are doing on your specific platforms. Youtube is notorious for driving CTR which is your clickthrough. Looking at your analytics, you can make decisions and you can determine what content or what platform’s driving what and I don’t think many of us are doing that.
– Chris Michael Harris, Founder and Host of StartupU (formerly known as The Entrepreneur Hour)

Join Ben Schneider and Chris Michael Harris as they discuss the origin of Chris’ journey to serial entrepreneurship, how he achieved success through marketing psychology, and the #1 hack he learned when creating content for his business. Analytics play a huge role in a business’ success. In today’s digital world, it is almost habitual for most entrepreneurs to always refer to their data when it comes to predicting which path to take next for their businesses. For Chris, data is everything. And in this episode, he explains exactly why!

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