Starting Your Own Podcast Business While Being a Student at LA and Managing 40 Remote Working People with Samuel Donner

Podcasts promote unparalleled intimacy. When you’re listening to someone’s voice, and not seeing who they are, your judgment is stripped of a lot of the stereotypes and prejudices that humans hold naturally.
– Samuel Donner, Founder and Host of the Finding Founders show

Join Ben Schneider and Samuel Donner as they talk about how Samuel manages the Finding Founders podcast, strategizing a podcast’s growth, and finding your niche in podcasting. Podcasting is a growing medium for entrepreneurs and creators to market their own work – whether that’s a business, service, or a passion project. A podcast’s success is never determined by one absolute factor, but it will grow when hard work and passion are poured into its growth and development. For Samuel, he started his show as a passion project. After three years, it is now one of the go-to podcasts for entrepreneurs and creatives alike.

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