Branding Differences Between Uber and Airbnb, and How Coca Cola Always Gets Their Marketing Up to Date with Fergus Hay

The important thing for a marketer is to remain agile, and to understand what are the motivations of their target consumer and what are the platforms that are relevant to them at that time. Then, ensure that you exist in those platforms and channels in a native way–in a way that is natural and that adds value and meaning to those consumers.
– Fergus Hay, Founder of Elysian Fields Co

Join Ben Schneider and Fergus Hay as they discuss how businesses can gain more leverage through proper branding, native content creation, and media strategy. Businesses, whether big or small, do not realize how significant branding and content creation is in staying relevant in today’s digital world. Marketing expert Fergus Hay brings big brands like Coca Cola and Patek Philippe to the forefront of consumer preference with cutting edge marketing research and branding strategies. Listen in to find out exactly how he does it!

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