The Rules You Created On Your Own Will Change Your Life and Make You More Successful in 2021 with John Sonmez

Shut out all the things that are not contributing to the identity that you want to have. Cut out all the toxic and negative people in your life … If you change your environment, then you will become a product of that environment.
– John Sonmez, Founder Simple Programmer and host of the Bulldog Mindset

Join Ben Schneider and John Sonmez as they discuss the rebound after hitting rock bottom, the importance of discipline in personal success, and how your mindset can change your long-term physical and mental wellness. John is no overnight success. After living a sluggish life as a computer programmer, he realized one day his physique was on a decline. This led him to fully commit to improving his overall well-being that has now made him a self-made millionaire and a life coach to other men who want to develop their mindset, increase their wealth, and improve their relationships.

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