How to Publish Your Own Movie on Netflix & Amazon and Make Yourself Shine in Public with Billy Samoa Saleebey

People who have grit and determination, and who have the belief system in themselves, can really actually have a good shot at having a career here.
– Billy Samoa Saleebey, Co-Founder & CEO of Podify and podcast host (For the Love of Podcast and Insight Out)

Join Ben Schneider and Billy Samoa Saleebey as they talk about his journey from film school to becoming a CEO, how to grow an existing network, and taking control of your life path. After Billy wrote his first film in 2003, it took him 6 years to finally see it onscreen. During that time, he had the opportunity to work in a solar space. After numerous promotions, he instantly went up the corporate ladder and found himself wanting more. This led him to creating the broadcasting and media production company called Insight Media.

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