Create and Educate: Forging Your Way to Online Success

The internet is a vast place of information that can make or break you. And a lot of people are making ways to earn from such information. But the real question is, are you serving the right information for the betterment of everyone?


Factual information is not easy to find on the web. That’s why you need to ensure that your sources are credible enough to back up such information. Because one wrong move and the entire internet will believe to such information.

The Dangers of The Internet

The web is like a city that is filled with people who carry information. Some of these people are educated, and others are just relying on fake news and spread it like wildfire. That’s why it’s important to think before you click, which is a common phrase we always hear.


False information can spread faster than you thought it would be. It can spread not in hours, but only in minutes or seconds. But the worst part is that false information is like a sharp sword that can hurt anyone, or even you.

Educate Using Your Creativity

Setting negativity aside, you can do your part to minus the spread of fake information. And you can achieve this by creating content and educating your audience of what you have to offer. Think of it as a fresh take of content creation that we usually see.


Platforms such as Tiktok and YouTube is the best place to do such stuff. A great example is a social media influencer and Medical PGI from the Philippines named Krizzle Luna . She mostly creates content for Tiktok and garnered over a million followers from it.


Because aside from the usual dance videos we see from that platform, Krizzle posts educational health videos that are fun and engaging to watch. Her content mostly comprises of correcting misconceptions about health. This makes her content fresh from the bunch, and also a way to spread factual information to the masses.

“What if you post something that is wrong and could actually harm other people? We should be responsible in typing comments and posting anything because it’s just so easy to access social media. „- Krizzle Luna (Medical PGI Tiktoker)


Forging Your Success by Spreading Good Information

Monetization is just one success away in the internet. And looking back at our example above with Krizzle, she uses her platform and brains to earn from her content, especially in live streams.


Earning through the internet is a tough road to take. You can’t expect to be a newbie now and become an internet star overnight while you shower in cash. It takes time, dedication, and of course, creating content that educates. So instead of rushing everything, what’s important is to take baby steps if you want to pursue this career.


Of course, pair this with factual information and then you are ready for action. Just ensure that such information is reliable and useful for your audience. Because as we said earlier, information can make or break you. And it’s up to your hands how to deal with such a challenge to save your career.

Educating People One Video at a Time

Being a content creator is not a walk in the park, especially if your goal is to educate your target audience. That’s why you need to think of ways how to make it engaging. And if you delve deeper into a platform like Tiktok, you can actually see lots of educational content that people tend to overlook.


Some examples of educational content that you will see on the platform are acting classes, voice lessons, beauty tips, music tutorials, and more. So, if you have a special talent for something that you love doing, why not share it with the world through content creation? As long as it is educational and can benefit your audience, then go for it!


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