The 3 Most Common Mistakes of SaaS Companies and How to Avoid Them with Simon Severino

That’s what a good strategy does – it saves you time, it saves you money, and it helps you to really become # 1 where you WANT to become # 1. Go where you are already strong, and then go for awesome.
– Simon Severino, Founder and CEO of Strategy Sprints GmbH and host of the Strategy Sprints podcast

Join Ben Schneider and Simon Severino as they talk about Simon’s exact process in doubling a company’s revenue in just 90 days, how he established the smartest brands from San Diego to Sydney, and the top 3 mistakes SaaS builders make with their apps. Simon has been the leading Growth Advisor in Germany since founding Strategy Sprints back in 2017. For the last 4 years, he has taken established brands and grew their revenue while also building his own company – Strategy Sprints. His comprehensive process in building brands has elevated his clients‘ strengths, found their goals, and pushed them to become even more awesome in their own fields.

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