Headhunter Insights from One of The Top Sales Recruiters in Germany! with Christopher Funk

You only need a method to approach the right candidates and the right niche and the right industry; you don’t need an extensive network…for such a niche market like sales, it’s more in the method, like how can you identify and approach them? 
– Christopher Funk, Founder of Xenagos and podcast host of VertriebsFunk

Join Christopher Funk and Ben Schneider as Christopher walks us through the headhunting industry, the practices every employer and applicant should know, and how COVID-19 affected the headhunting business. Demand for the best candidates for high-income positions are often so high because of the position’s appeal in compensation. If a company wants to find the best candidate for a high-profile position, headhunters are paid to act as middlemen between the employers and applicants. This model of recruitment is a win-win for both applicants and employers because they both get what they pay for.

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