Starting a Security Business in the War Country Afghanistan – Crime, Team Building, Income with Habib Orya

Every country has its own opportunity and its own money … Wherever you live, you can earn, if you have an idea and build something new. 
– Habib Orya, Marketing Officer of Sky International Insurance

Join Habib Orya and Ben Schneider as they talk about the struggles of entrepreneurship in Afghanistan, creating opportunities in risky situations, and bringing value by addressing a demand. For Habib, starting a business disadvantaged merely means he has to work harder than everybody else. He built his small team with only $ 100 in 2016, and started the grind of building his business from the ground up. He became brave enough to find security in his challenging environment. From a 3-man team, they gradually grew to 20 people and now has a profitable business in Afghanistan.

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