How to Build a SaaS Business From Scratch With Only 2 People and Getting a $ 1.2 Million Investment with Rand Fishkin

If you start something the first time, you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes – no matter how much you’ve studied it and how much you’ve practiced. But, if you expose yourself to it a few times, you build up some of that knowledge, and then you can apply it.
– Rand Fishkin, Founder of SparkToro

Join Rand Fishkin and Ben Schneider as they talk about the issues surrounding hiring talents in-house vs. outsourcing, building a cost-efficient business model, and the secret to building a successful startup with only 2 people. The road to success did not come easy for Rand Fishkin – it took hard work, dedication to his craft, and sacrifice. Building a business from scratch is hard even with a team of experts behind you, but Rand persevered despite only having himself and his partner to build SparkToro. Now, SparkToro is worth more than they could ever imagine garnering $ 1.2 million in investments alone.

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